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Napolita Pizza
83 Mina Rd
St Werburghs

Napolita Cafe - Always fresh

Parma ham salad

mixed salad leaves, parma ham, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes, mixed olives AND croutons

Per Person £7.45

Salmon Salad

mixed salad leaves, smoked salmon, baby plum tomatoes, fresh chillies, mixed olives AND roasted courgette

Per Person £6.95

Cajun chicken skewers

mixed salad leaves, marinated chicken, mixed olives, red onion, cucumber, roasted peppers AND salsa dressing

Per Person £6.45

Suitable for Vegetarians

Greek Salad

Mmixed salad leaves, baby plum tomatoes, cucumber, mixed olives, red onion AND greek feta cheese

Per Person £5.95

napolita pizza